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Comparing UK & Australasian specialty training in OM

Faculty member Dr Rae-Wen Chang has written an article for the AFOEM eBulletin, providing a trainee viewpoint on the challenges faced by UK and Australasian Occupational Medicine trainees, including the decreasing number of trainees in the - Read more...
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OEM impact report

Malcolm Sim, Editor-in Chief of OEM, has sent the following message to those members who have full access to Occupational & Environmental Medicine: We are delighted to announce that the Impact Factor of the journal has gone up to 3.267* in the category of Public, Environmental and Occupational Health. To celebrate this achievement, we have - Read more...
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Fellowship Committee vacancies

The Faculty is recruiting for new members to join the Fellowship Committee. The remit of the Fellowship Committee, which is chaired by the immediate PastPresident, is to peruse all nominations for Fellowship and Honorary Fellowship of the Faculty and to make recommendations in the light of the criteria agreed by the Board. Particularly we are - Read more...
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Committee and officer vacancies

We are currently recruiting for several key voluntary positions: Director of Assessment – We are currently recruiting for a new Director of Assessment to succeed Group Captain David McLoughlin, who will not be serving a second term due to changing job demands. The Director of Assessment is a member of the Executive Committee, and has primary - Read more...
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FOM staff out of office

During the week beginning Monday 6 July, several members of staff will be out of the office at exams or other events, including our AGM. We will endeavour to reply to queries as quickly as possible but members should be aware that there may be a small delay in response - Read more...
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2014 Annual Report and AGM papers

The Faculty’s 2014 Annual Report has now been published and can be downloaded from the members’ area of the website. The agenda and papers for the Annual General Meeting on 8 July are also available to download. We look forward to welcoming any current subscribing members to the meeting. Coffee and croissants will be available - Read more...
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Social media guidance for doctors

As online technology improves, doctors and healthcare professionals are increasingly using social media as part of everyday life. While these platforms represent a great opportunity to network with colleagues on a global scale and discover new innovations in practice, there can be dangers associated with using social media. The Faculty’s 2012 ‘Ethics guidance for occupational - Read more...
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SOM ASM and FOM Annual General Meeting – registration information

Registration for the SOM ASM, which this year will incorporate the FOM AGM, FOM trainee presentations and joint gala dinner, all to be held on the second day of the conference (Wednesday 8 July) is now open and can be accessed via the SOM ASM website. The FOM AGM will start at 8.15 am with - Read more...
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New route to Associateship of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine

Associates of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine are recognised as a key part of the occupational medicine workforce. Following the changes to specialty qualifications which came into force in 2010, the Faculty has been considering how to create a new route into Associateship. The Faculty has become increasingly aware that there is a need for - Read more...
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Faculty Annual Meeting 2015

The Faculty Board and Society Council have agreed that the two organisations’ annual meetings will be held together on 6-9 July at Manchester Conference Centre.  The meeting will encompass the presentations from trainees on their dissertations, with the Faculty’s Annual General Meeting being held on Wednesday 8 July.  The presentation of certificates to new Fellows - Read more...
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