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Revalidation checklist

What is required in a year when a doctor is not revalidating?

Annual appraisals since 3rd December 2012.

These must be performed by an approved appraiser in an approved appraisal system, such as that operated by the Society of Occupational Medicine.

Evidence of Continuing Professional Development.

The CPD requirements for revalidation are 250 hours of CPD activity averaged over the five years to 50 hours per year. This is in line with the Faculty’s CPD scheme and the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges recommended number of hours.

Complaints and Compliments.

Feedback can be provided by way of complaints and compliments which should also be reviewed as part of the appraisal process.

A complaint is a formal expression of dissatisfaction or grievance. It can be about an individual doctor, the team or about the care of patients where a doctor could be expected to have had influence or responsibility.

They should be seen as another type of feedback, allowing doctors and organisations to review and further develop their practice.

You may also choose to bring any compliments you have received to appraisal.

Significant events.

A significant event (also known as an untoward or critical incident) is any unintended or unexpected event, which could have or did lead to harm of one or more patients. This includes incidents which did not cause harm but could have done, or where the event should have been prevented.

It can also refer to events outside of the doctor’s usual practice which do not easily fit in with any other section of the appraisal.

⇒ The completed Strengthened Medical Appraisal questions.

These questions have been mapped against Good Medical Practice 2013 and allow the appraisee to demonstrate that they are compliant with this, as well as answer two questions required by legislation.

What is required in the year when a doctor is revalidating?

All of the above plus the following:

Multi-source feedback from Colleagues and Patients.

Whilst all practitioners have colleagues, even if these are non-medical staff, not all have patients. If an appraisee has no clinical contact at all, this can be covered in the appraisal meeting and declared to the RO on the Output Form. For those doctors revalidating for the first time, the feedback must be no more than three years old. Thereafter it will be required once in every revalidation cycle.

A Quality Improvement activity.

This requires you to demonstrate that you regularly participate in activities that review and evaluate the quality of your work. Where possible, the activity should demonstrate an outcome or change.