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last updated:21/04/2017 @ 8:35 am
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Start Date:06/07/2017
End Date:06/07/2017
CPD Points:5

An Introduction to Biopsychosocial Occupational Health Practice

Why is this course being run?

It’s widely recognised that non-medical factors can sometimes be predictive of symptoms, disability, or whether individuals are at work. We know we need to ‘broaden our gaze’, and to take into account wider psychological and social factors when assessing fitness to work.

We need to be competent to do this. But what does competent look like?

What does the course cover?

This course is an introduction to biopsychosocial practice. It will look at the limitations of the biomedical model, and analyse how individual psychological factors and the broader social context impact on sickness absence.

It is a day-long course, comprised of lectures, group discussion and dealing with clinical scenarios.

Who is the course aimed at?

If you’re in clinical OH practice, this course is for you! Doctors, nurses and physios are all welcome.

You may wish to start from the basics, and the course will assume no prior knowledge.

You may feel experienced in this topic, and wish to have the opportunity to benchmark your approach with your peers. Your knowledge will help inform the group discussions, and you will be able to suggest improvements to the course.