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Supervised Learning Event (SLE) – Direct Observation of Procedural Skills (DOPS) tools

Executive summary

Taken from the detailed evidence paper produced following the pilot of the new WBA tools

Pilot poster for the ASM

The poster summarising the pilot produced for the SOM ASM in July 2015

The Direct Observation of Procedural Skills (DOPS) form is one of the workplace-based assessment tools in which common everyday procedures are observed and assessed by a third party.

In line with the national guidance from the GMC and the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, the Faculty WBA Advisory group (WBAAG) has re-designed and re-named the DOPS as Supervised Learning Events (SLEs).  Please note the Faculty is looking into Assessment of Performance (AoP) tools and will provide an update at a later date.  A range of  SLE forms has been developed, to ensure they are more informative in nature and that they facilitate improved feedback.  Redesigned forms include:

SLE – audiometry
SLE – spirometry
SLE – biological monitoring
SLE – workplace assessment
SLE – for communication activity
SLE – generic tool

The key changes to the forms include a linkage to competencies, a re-design of evaluation (marking) areas, elimination of numeric scoring, clarification and expansion of the feedback section, addition of a ‘reflection’ section and the addition of a rubric, intended to give guidance to trainers and trainee on the criteria for scoring.

The pilot evaluation of the SLE-DOPS tools was completed in December 2014.  Its aim was to assess the utility of the re-designed SLE-DOPS forms – including their acceptability, feasibility, usability and key aspects of reliability and validity. This was assessed through a comprehension trial (CT), a video scoring exercise, and an electronic survey of trainees and trainers.  Pilot results were submitted for publication in the Journal of Occupational Medicine. Comprehensive and executive summaries are held in the Faculty office.

Please note:

Following GMC approval, From April 25 2016, Occupational medicine trainees and trainers are requested to use the newly revised SLE-DOPS forms. However, the old WBA DOPS form will still be accepted at ARCPs until April 2017, when the old forms will no longer be permitted.

There is separate guidance for trainees and trainers on how to use these tools, as well as pilot FAQs and you are requested to familiarise yourself with the guidance prior to usage. A training day will be organised for trainees and trainers (November 2016) on the use of the new forms.

The recommended quota of DOPS forms completed per year by any individual trainee will not change and remains at a minimum of four DOPS events per year.


The remainder of the WBA forms (CBD, Mini-CEX and SAILs) remain in original (non-SLE) format. They are still in development and will be piloted later this year.

Any questions on the newly revised SLE-DOPS forms, after reading the accompanying guidance, should be directed to the Training Department , who will forward messages to the WBAAG.